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3D Artist & Developer

Who am I

Teamwork and brainstorming lovers always searching to find the best solution in order of time and product’s quality.

Extremely focused to automatize the production pipeline as much as possible, writing tools that make the workflow faster and easier for everyone in the team.

  • Creative 85%
  • Teamwork 78%
  • Problem solving 96%
  • Organization 76%
  • Communication 84%
  • English Language 90%

I had the chance to meet Gianluca during the university years, I noticed his qualities immediately. Than we worked together on several cg projects. His methodical approach to the work is always related to his artistic-oriented eye.
Reliable and focused on his work he can find every time the best solution for his tasks. He would be an asset to any production.

Giuseppe Lombardi

Compositor, Double Negative

I was the Gianluca’s supervisor for the short film “Indy Air”. Gianluca was the rigger on one of the main character. His duties have evolved during the production period, initially as a joint setup and finally to more complex things such as deformations and cloth simulations.
Gianluca has good ability about problem solving and to finalize the work on schedule despite difficulties and unforeseen.

Guido Polcan

Head of Frames, Digital Accademia

Having worked alongside Gianluca at Glasgow Animations I can say with all confidence he is an asset to any team. With a proficiency in MEL scripting he was able to greatly improve the production pipeline whilst creating organic and mechanical rigs for the characters and troubleshooting any technical difficulties with ease. Gianluca brings a level of professionalism coupled with a good sense of humour that makes him an in valuable member of the team.

Graeme Nimmo

Art Director, Giglets Education

I’ve been the pleasure to work with Gianluca at MAD Entertainment, Gianluca demonstrated a good problem solving ability and also a great Character rigging knowledge, I’ll be glad to work with him again in future projects.

Davide Munisso

Rigger, Animal Logic

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