I’m a Rigging specialist with strong generalist background. My training in fine arts, with a Bachelor in Industrial Design and subsequently my 6 months master in Computer Graphics, certified by Autodesk, has provided me with strong education in all aspects of the production pipeline.

Since the beginning of my career, I was interested in solving technical problems and the biggest challenge to me was to automate repetitive tasks using scripts. I’m passionate and I’m always looking for new ways to challenge and develop myself and my abilities. Throughout the program I’m gaining a great amount of knowledge about human anatomy, body mechanics and deformations; Mel scripting, Python programming, cloth and hair simulation are my best resources.

I love teamwork and brainstorming to find the best solution in order of time and quality of the product.
My goal is to create anatomically and technically the best rigs for various characters, vehicles and props. I develop and automatize the rigging pipeline as much as possible and write utilities, scripts that make the workflow faster and easier.

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